How do you measure a suburb’s character?

Is it by the native trees and flowers blushing the streets and covering footpaths with great colour? Could it be the way the local sports teams and farmers markets create an atmosphere of festivity bringing the locals together? Can it be seen in the architecture, the contrast of colonial and modern houses showing the changing face of the pocket where you live in?

The answer is yes, to all of these.

More importantly, a factor that’s often overlooked is how a suburb’s character can also be contributed to its support for its small businesses. The Italian-inspired coffee shop, the local florist, Indian takeaway and hardware store that’s been operating for over 40 years are key landmarks that attract visitors, prospective homeowners and trade to an area.

In Queensland, 97% of businesses are small businesses that create 33% of the Gross National Profit. So by supporting you local entrepreneurial and cornerstone businesses, you’re not only helping someone keep their dreams a reality, but you’re also investing in the economic vitality of your local area and its future.

In these uncertain times where giant warehouses and chains are devouring up small businesses and as a result providing the customer with limited choices and less personal service, it’s paramount that small businesses survive.


Small businesses depend on their individual customers to keep them open. Here are our top 7 reasons for your community to stick with what’s small.

  • Environmentally speaking, a small business has a smaller carbon footprint than the large companies, warehouses, and multi-national chains.
  • Small businesses, more-than-often, give back to community groups through sponsorship like your local junior sporting teams.
  • Small businesses are often better places to work than larger chains and can offer a friendlier introduction to the workforce for our youth.
  • In comparison to the giant chains, small businesses have the ability to be more personal; they forge relationships between the employer and employee and with their community. They get to know their regular customers by the first name.
  • The owners and staff of small businesses are experts in their field. For example, Hendra Hardware has a full-time ex-builder with over 30 years worth of experience and is delighted to help any customer with a query.
  • The buying power and options you get from a local business are always greater in comparison to a larger chain. In the case of Hendra Hardware, we’ll get the stock in for you without attempting to persuade you to purchase only the products we have access to.
  • The people that are part of the local hardware store live in your street. You’ve probably seen them at the coffee shop, your kids play together in the same netball team and once a week order the same chicken masala your family love.

Most importantly, they are your neighbours and are investing in the well-being of your community’s local businesses too!


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