Gardeners dream come true

Gardener’s dream come true through organic approach

(No green thumb’s required!)


One of the most common questions these days that our customers ask is;  “How to make their plants yield larger produce while keeping within the cost-effective parameters”? They tell us how they keep applying random fertilisers and various essential solutions, yet they still don’t see the results they would like.

The problem is that although synthetic fertilisers might produce good results in the short term, they can end up causing more problems in the long run, leading to fewer crops, inferior soil quality, more expense and effort.

But we’ve got a product that is a gardener’s dream come true – Grow. This product is fantastic!


It’s not often we get carried away when discussing plant food products, but with Grow, it’s hard to curb our enthusiasm. If you haven’t tried it in your garden yet, then you’re missing out on one of the best products in the market.

What is Grow?

Grow is an innovative organic fertiliser that uses organically composted chicken manure and added bacteria. This has produced an outstanding, environmentally safe liquid fertiliser that the whole garden will benefit, big or small. Whether you’re gardening for pleasure, profit or health benefits,  maybe all of the above, Grow can make your gardening more productive and efficient.

Grow has found a unique solution that not only solves common gardening issues but also helps with another environmental problem – waste chicken manure.


Higher demand for eggs and chickens as a protein source has led to massive growth in poultry farming. Unfortunately, the vast quantity of waste chicken manure produced has the potential to damage waterways and land. Grow takes the waste chicken manure, adds other natural ingredients, and processes it into a liquid that benefits the entire ecosystem while also improving crop yield and rejuvenating soil.


Grow replaces the synthetic fertiliser chemicals in the soil with healthy microorganisms and bacteria that continually multiply, leading to a better quality of soil with a better ability to replenish itself, leading to a more productive, long-lasting garden.


Here’s a snapshot of the benefits of Grow:
  • produces a higher yield of crops
  • absorbed quicker than other granular fertilisers
  • all natural
  • produces tastier fruit and vegetables
  • doesn’t burn seedlings
  • encourages healthier, more disease and pest-resistant plants
  • won’t harm plants if overused
  • conditions and puts nutrients back into the soil
  • provides a solution for the tonnes of chicken manure that is wasted each year
  • environmentally friendly
  • has no synthetic chemicals so is safer for your family


Refill Services

Another awesome thing about Grow is that we run a decanting service right here within our store ! Just bring back your empty Grow containers and we’ll refill them for you. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also be helping keep the environment free of one-time use plastic containers. That’s a win-win situation for everybody!

Whether you’re just starting your garden or looking for a way to improve an established vegetable patch, Grow is the product you need to make your garden a success, no green thumb required!

Grow combines the best of the old and the new. It uses natural, organic ingredients in an innovative modern formulation so you can grow fruit and vegetables the way they used to be grown – naturally.

Happy Gardening

Hendra Hardware 🙂