Aquarium cleaning in 20 seconds

How you can spend just 20 seconds a fortnight cleaning your pond or aquarium.


Spending just 20 seconds cleaning your pond or aquarium each fortnight sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? Well, you can start living that dream today because that’s about all the time it takes to open a sachet of Splosht and drop it in the water.

Whether you’ve been thinking of putting in a new water feature, pond or aquarium or your current one is becoming just too much hard work, Splosht is hands down one of the best products around and one of the easiest to use.


Splosht is an exceptional chemical-free product that cleans your water naturally. There is no messy, time-consuming cleaning to be done, and there are no complicated instructions to follow.


Because Splosht is a natural blend of good bacteria, it’s safe for aquatic plants, turtles, fish, frogs, and other aquatic life. In fact, it’s so safe, even your pet can drink water treated with Splosht.

Natural safe for pets and easy application


It’s like a classic case of good guys versus bad guys. Once Splosht is in your water, the bacteria (the good guys) start multiplying. They devour the same nutrients that algae (the bad guys) consume.

Splosht also binds together microscopic particles of rubbish, sediment, and fish waste so that they become heavy enough to settle at the bottom, and then Splosht chows down on that as well. Before long, the Splosht bacteria, starves out the algae, and the algae die a natural death.


All you have to do is open a sachet and drop it in your water. That’s it! You don’t have to measure, empty, or scrub anything.


When you first start using Splosht, it will take four weeks to get established. (Think of it as a fast-growing ever-hungry bacteria baby!)After four weeks, your water should be crystal clear, and then all you need to remember is to drop a new sachet in every two weeks.

Pretty simple, isn’t it?


Splosht comes in a pack of pre-measured sachets, so you don’t have to worry about putting too much or too little in the water. Even if you do somehow manage to put too much in, it won’t do any harm because it’s chemical-free.

Packs come in for an aquarium, small fishpond/water feature, water troughs, dams, lakes, septic tanks, and kitchen grease pits.

All packs will last three months. How good is that for value for money!


Product range
Display of full product range with Splosht to determine application


Splosht is Australian made and owned and we at Hendra Hardware love to support Aussie businesses. The manufacturers of Splosht began extensive testing and refining of their product back in 2011. They not only tested in laboratory conditions but on-site as well. Their aim was to develop a product that was natural and easy to use.

We reckon they did a bloody good job of it too.

So, if you’re ready to chill out a bit by reducing the time and effort you spend cleaning your pond, aquarium, or water feature, then Splosht is the product for you.

You can buy it right here at Hendra Hardware.

Matt and the rest of the staff will be happy to answer any other questions you might have about Splosht.