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Koala Green Clean Air is an natural and all Australian odour neutraliser and deodoriser. Action Corrosion Pty Ltd have formulated this product to have a wide range of uses including HVAC systems, home offices, RV’s, caravans and vehicles.

This product is great for deodorising musty mould and other unpleasant odours with the scent of Wild Frangie or the Aussie Bush. The formula contains antimicrobial properties that reduce mould growth.

Our Recommendation

We recommend as a starting pack to purchase both Koala Green HVAC Clean and the Koala Green Air. The Green HVAC clean spray is a all in one no rinse formula cleaner, sanitiser and deodoriser. This will combat the moulder/musty problem within your aircon by directly spraying at the filter. Once the filter is clean, the Koala green air tub is simply placed near the return system for long term fresh scent.


“We donate a percentage of each sale to koala conservation in this great country.”


What is it?

The product is in a thick, green gel form, which is easy to install. To install, invert the tub and place the gel block on the lid. Locate the product inside the return system where air will carry vapour through the system. Over the lifespan on the product, the gel body will gradually shrink into a puck like form, where it can be easily disposed of. Koala Green Air can last up to 8 weeks, with variations in life span being present due to airflow and temperature. As air passes over the gel, an Aussie bush eucalyptus scent is emitted through the unit, leaving a pleasant lasting scent in the area of use. Each 250 gram block can treat a 30 metre squared area.

  • Odour Neutraliser and Deodoriser
  • All Australian and all natural
  • HVAC systems, home office, RV’s, caravans and vehicles
  • Supports koala rehabilitation
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Aussie Bush & Wild Frangi scents available



What is the Koala Green Range?

The Koala Green range is the all new, clean and green arm of Action Corrosion Pty Ltd. With Action Corrosion being an Australian owned and operated company, we have prioritised using only 100% Australian products within this range. The new Koala Green range, are all made with natural Australian grown ingredients to provide a clean and green alternative to widely used cleaning and HVAC freshening products. Koala Green Air is a green gel formula that utilizes natural oils with antimicrobial properties that neutralises and deodorize HVAC systems and reduces mould build up in caravans, residences and large commercial properties.

Koala Green Air is the first product in the range to be released, with general cleaning products to soon follow. In addition to all this, Action Corrosion has partnered with Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Hospital, who provide veterinary services to sick and injured koalas. This partnership will witness a donation to the hospital with every sale.

Additional information

Weight .35 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 9 cm



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