Key Cutting

Key Cutting Department @ Hendra Hardware

Key Cutting Service at Hendra Hardware

Hendra Hardware’s Key Cutting department is one of our long standing services we provide to our customers. Our business is 7 days a week, giving you flexibility in finding time to head on down to Hendra Hardware store. Due to high volume within this service, we have the buying power to purchase our keys at very competitive pricing, savings we pass onto our customers. Duplication of keys has never been easier at Hendra Hardware.

We have on site, two advanced key cutting machines that duplicate keys with precision, capable of key copy across a wide range of keys styles and types. From residential, commercial, industrial and automotive, we cover it all. Thanks to our skilled and well trained staff, we have prided ourselves on the consistency within our work.

Over the years we have build up a loyal customer base, services not only individuals requiring key duplication services, but also commercial businesses. Real Estate agencies within Hendra, Ascot, Hamilton, Clayfield, Nundah, Northgate and further surrounding suburbs visit Hendra Hardware. The confidence we have built is due to our reliability and consistency within our work.

Style Of Keys

We cut a wide variety of keys such as house keys, security door keys, letter box keys, cash box keys and car keys. Due to our large range, we cover all basis of our customers key requirements. We also have a full range of the mortice style keys. There are still many homes or maybe an old garage shed that has this style lock, so we still store the range of Mortise keys.

picture of old style mortice keys

bundle of keys

Key Accessories & Troubleshooting Methods

Along with keys are our exciting range of accessories. Your bundle of keys can get disorganised very quickly. We have solutions to assist with tagging and organising your keys. Whether you choose basic colour tags, lanyards, key rings, key storage boxes, we have solutions for you. Come down and check out our range.

Often you may find that newly cut keys do not fit your door or security screen lock. This may be because of a build up of dust, dirt or grime within the lock barrel. We have products such as graphite powder, which is a fantastic solution to lubricate existing lock barrels.  Other multi-purpose lubricant sprays like RP7 also do the trick.