Searles Organic 5in1 Fertiliser Pellets 5kg


Organic goodness to grow the healthiest vegies, flowers, fruit and lawns.

Used and recommended by champion growers, including rose growers.

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Searles Organic 5in1 Fertiliser is rich organic fertiliser full of goodness to assist you in growing healthy veggies, flowers, fruit and even your lawn. This organic product is used and recommended by champion growers, including rose growers.


Searles Organic 5in1 Fertiliser is a brilliant organic plant food containing the following manures and composts;

  • Cow & Fowl Manures
  • Sheep Manures,
  • Mushroom Compost,
  • Zeolite,
  • Blood & Bone,
  • Hoof and horn plus
  • added Trace Elements and Minerals.

The granular product which is endorsed by the QLD Rose Society, helps promote the following benefits;

  • Promotes strong healthy plant growth
  • Promotes healthy vegetables
  • Promotes better flowering
  • BFA Certified fully organic to Australian and worldwide organic standards
  • Natural organic garden fertiliser
  • Retains soil moisture, keeping the root system cool
  • Reduces watering time, thus saving our precious commodity WATER
  • Reduces temperature fluctuations around the root system, maintaining a healthier environment for plant growth
  • Adds a long life humus build up to the soil, encouraging microbial and earthworm activity
  • Contains organic slow release blood and bone
  • Contains Zeolite for greater fertiliser efficiency


Mix one part 5in1 Organic Fertiliser to three parts existing soil to enrich the soil and provide long term organic nutrients to plants. Flowers and vegetables respond extremely well to this product.

Chemical fertilisers have a tendency to leach away very quickly giving you average results. When working with organic products like Searles 5in1, the existing humus and organic material immediately store most efficiently. This being said, the new nutrients has the ‘slow release’ effect within your garden.


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Additional information

Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 28 × 20 × 15 cm




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