Carnauba Polish Clear 200ml Gilly’s


Carnauba Polish is high sheen finishing polish, excellent for tabletops and other surfaces prone to fingering.

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Gilly's Carnauba PolishCarnauba Polish

The Carnauba Polish 100g is a high sheen finishing polish, excellent for tabletops and other surfaces prone to fingering. It holds a fast-drying surface finish, rich in carnauba wax and beeswax. When you touch the wax it is soft in texture and easy to apply. Once applied, it hardens quickly and when buffed, impacts a beautiful hard, high sheen.

Made with beeswax and a high proportion of carnauba wax, it is very good on modern finishes. A surface finish for waxed or oiled timber. Also suitable for
non-porous surfaces such as metal, marble, slate and concrete.
Ideal for use over chalk paint and Venetian plaster.

Product Data Sheet

History of Gilly Stephenson

Gilly Stephenson brought English gentility to the outback and gave her name to a range of furniture polishes of her own formulation and making that is now sold throughout Australia and around the world.


All of Gilly Stephenson product recipes are based on natural ingredients. They use a large amount of beeswax and carnauba wax, both high quality natural waxes for our purpose. They are becoming more environmentally aware however, and where they can, they have substituted certain ingredients after quality comparisons and testing. Whilst some of these ingredients are completely natural, they are from non-renewable origins.

The oils are a proud point, with some of them moving to 100% natural formulas many years ago. This is with the use of local plant oils, citrus solvents and essential oils that give them the beautiful aroma customers have come to love. From the waxes, the Food Safe Wax also boasts being 100% natural, a great alternative to some of the traditional waxes. Along with looking at being more natural, Gilly’s have also responded to changing customer demands by increasing the number of food safe lines on offer. Our Orange Oil has been food safe since 1993!

Another great reason to use Gilly’s products is that they never used silicone in any of their products. Not only is it unnatural, it provides a short term fix for application and becomes a nightmare when it damages and requires stripping back.

Hendra Hardware sources local where we can, similar strategy to how Gilly’s operate when sourcing their raw materials to make their products.

For example,

  • Orange Oil uses Australian citrus and plant oils.
  • Beeswax is a mix of local West Australian beeswax and imported beeswax.

At the end of the day, like any local business, we like to align ourselves with companies that continue to achieve; reducing their carbon footprint and helping to support other Australian businesses.

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Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm