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Wintergreen couch main

Winter Green Couch Grass


Wintergreen Couch grass is the best performing couch grass in Australia which is why it is the industry standard. Wintergreen Couch is a great choice for areas with full sun and is a lush green colour with fine leaf blades making it very soft to the touch.

It is not a shade tolerant variety so needs 7-8 hours direct sunlight per day.

Wintergreen Couch Grass is a great all-round turf for full sun areas. It has a fine soft leaf and a lovely green colour. It is also hard wearing and has excellent drought tolerance. If looked after well with fertilising, watering, weeding and mowing it produces a beautiful finish to any full sun area.


“ALC is an Accredited Turf Producer by Turf Queensland which ensures quality of production and turf.”

You can order direct from us @ Hendra Hardware. That means that it is cut to order which keeps it super fresh for when it gets delivered to you. We can also prepare your site and lay the turf if required through ALC or one of our local landscapers.

Wintergreen couch

Wintergreen couch field

Order your new Wintergreen Couch lawn from Hendra Hardware today and enjoy quick delivery and install of high-quality, cost-effective luxury lawn.

Please see attached flyer for further information on Wintergreen Couch Grass

Wintergreen Couch flyer


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