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How to master the blooming technique?

Blooming techniques


Your friend has perfected the blooming technique and you are still struggling? Let us help you. The blooming technique is a way to draw manga by hand. It was developed by manga artist Osamu Tezuka and has been used in his works since the early 1950s. The basic idea is simple: you draw an outline of your character on a piece of paper, then fill in the details with ink or paint as you go along.


What is the blooming technique?


The blooming technique is a way to create a watercolor effect. It’s also called the wet-on-wet technique because you first paint with water and then go over it with oil paints. This creates an impressionist style painting that has lots of texture and detail.


What kind of paints do you need?


Before you start, it’s important to know what kind of paints you’ll need. The most common type of paint is acrylic, and the color palette should be limited to neutrals, browns and whites. If you’re using floetrol(a synthetic oil-based paint), then make sure that it doesn’t contain any solvents or VOCs (volatile organic compounds).


What else do you need?


You’ll need the following:

  • Floetrol (a coating used on wood to prevent it from turning yellow)
  • Water
  • Palette knife and paint brush for applying the dye onto your palette, which can be found at our website https://hendrahardware.com.au/ .
  • Paper towels or cotton swabs (to clean up any spills). Also very helpful in getting rid of any excess dye from your brushes!


How do you start?

  • First, you’ll apply a white basecoat. This can be done with a brush or sponge and should be applied in an even layer.
  • Next, paint yours with the color of your choice (red for example).
  • Finally, apply one more coat of clear polish over everything else!


How should the paint be applied?


You can apply the paint in a variety of ways. The most common is to use an egg-sized brush, but you can also use one-third as big or smaller. You may also want to try using a small sponge and/or stencil for added detail. You can get other paint brushes as well from our store.


The blooming technique can be a fun way to create some cool effects.


It’s a technique that allows you to create a textured look, painterly effect, impressionistic effect and watercolor effect.


To do this technique:

  • Paint over your canvas with any color you like (you can use acrylics or watercolors).
  • For example, if you want an impressionistic feel then choose colors like blue and white for the sky above your trees; gray-browns for the ground below them; dark green leaves in between them; etc.
  • If there is too much contrast between two layers of paint, try adding strokes between them so they blend together better later when it dries out completely!


Now that you’re better prepared for the blooming technique, it’s time to get started. We recommend starting with a simple base coat of white or gray paint, which gives a softer look than black. You can then add various patterns and colors over time to create your own unique look! Through our online store, you can easily get any kind of durable goods. https://hendrahardware.com.au/

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