Maintain 1L – BioEnzymatic Maintainer


For cleaning & opening grease traps & drains in food processing plants, restaurants, cafeterias, food service kitchens, fast food stores etc.

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Our bio-enzymatic complex works to liquefy grease, fats, organic matter and other potential blockages in grease traps, drains & drain lines. Billions of specially bred bacteria lie dormant in every litre of Maintain, then spring to action when they contact waste & release enzymes that attack, digest & liquefy the matter.

Just like nature, but faster! The only by-products of this process are water & CO2.

Australia made, eco friendly and septic safe symbols

With Maintain lines can be free flowing without the use of hazardous chemicals & without the vile job of hand cleaning. Add Maintain manually or with easy to install, easy & inexpensive to operate automatic equipment. Set the unit once & the computer memory will dispense just the right amount of product every day of the week, every week of the year.



  • Works Natures way, only faster – Natural bacteria release enzymes that attack, liquefy & digest organic waste the safe & natural way that such matter has been eliminated from the earth for millions of years.
  • Prevents Blocked traps & LINES & eliminates the
    disgusting job of hand cleaning them.
  • Automatic dispensing assures proper treatment as needed, without involvement of personnel.
  • Pays for itself by eliminating hand & snake cleaning & by avoiding fines & extra fees from local government.
  • Replaces Hazardous Caustics that can burn or disfigure personnel & damage drain lines.
  • ELIMINATES CHLORINATED SOLVENT that can contaminate the environment.
  • Leaves an Active Bio-film on the inside surface of traps & pipes to prevent accumulation of grease.
  • Fortified with natural orange solvent to penetrate
    grease more quickly.
  • Biodegrades Rapidly
  • 30 Billion Organisms Per litre guaranteeing high enzyme producing bacteria counts.
  • Tested & Certified by a qualified microbiologist to be free of salmonella & shigella bacteria.
  • Bleach & Chlorine Resistant bacteria strains allow Maintain to produce superior results under the most demanding conditions.
  • Temperature Resistant bacteria will not be harmed
    by temperature surges so common with washing


For cleaning & opening grease traps & drains in food processing plants, restaurants, cafeterias, food service kitchens, fast food stores etc.


GREASE TRAPS  Before first use remove as much grease &
other waste from system as possible. For best results add
treatment at night or when water running through system is at
a minimum. Start growth of biomass by adding 30ml per litre of
capacity. Continue treatment at this level until trap is clear, then
begin routine treatment as below.
DAILY MAINTENANCE  Add 30ml per litre capacity of trap each
day. Treatment may be added manually or automatically, but
always up stream of trap. Trap sizes vary greatly in size &
condition. For specific recommendations, call our office & ask
for one of our expert representatives.


Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 25 × 18 × 10 cm
Microorganisms per gallon

100 billion

Number of bio-strains


Type strains

enzyme producing bacteria

Salmonella content


pH concentrate

7.0 +/- 1.0

Optimum pH matter treated



turbid orange liquid

Odour of liquid

orange peel

Odor counteractant


Grease penetrating additive


Surfactant biodegradability

rapid and complete


1, 2, 4