Arlec 4 Outlet Powerboard Surge Protection


An individually switched surge protected 4 outlet powerboard. A basic, everyday powerboard for the budget constrained. It slimline design means it fits behind furniture and side entry plug makes it easier to remove from a power-point.

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Arlec 4 Outlet Powerboard Surge Protection


A 4 outlet surge protected powerboard is a basic, everyday powerboard that has a reset-able circuit breaker in case of an electrical overloads. A compact design which means it fits behind furniture and side entry plug. This also makes it easier to remove from a powerpoint. It comes with a safety overload protection and as a result if an overload occurs, this powerboard has a safety cutout. You need to simply push the button to restart.

An individual 4 outlet switched powerboard for those who prefer to control the devices that are connected to the powerboard. This powerboard is ideal for computer hardware, electrical equipment and domestic appliances.

Data sheet


  • Use only with a correctly wired regular household power point (240 volt max load 10 amps) 4 Individual Outlet Switch Powerboard
  • If during use, the indicator lamp goes out, the protection circuit has probably absorbed a large power surge. This means that the surge absorption ability has finished and the unit is no longer protecting your equipment.
  • In such cases the powerboard must be replaced but you can still use it as a regular power board.

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Additional information

Weight .400 kg
Dimensions 24 × 5 × 5 cm
Housing shape


Number of socket outlets with earth pin



240 Volt

Surge Capacity

To 4500amps

Max Continual Voltage

275 Volt

Reaction time

Less than 25 nanoseconds

Clamping Voltage

710 volt, 50amps



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