Splosht Algae Cleaner [Medium Farmer’s Pack – up to 250,000 litres]


Splosht is a natural fish pond & water feature cleaner. Splosht makes owning a fishpond and water feature enjoyable and relaxing – No more cleaning and you get to see your fish and enjoy nature.

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Splosht Algae Cleaner Farmers Pack Medium Size: Naturally Easier and Safer for Clean Dams and Lakes

Keeping dams and lakes clean and free of algae can be a daunting task, especially during the hotter months. But with Splosht Farmers Packs, maintaining the cleanliness of your water sources becomes easy, safe, and natural.

Splosht is specifically designed to clean dams, reservoirs, holding ponds, and lakes effectively. Say goodbye to the hassle and worries of algae growth with Splosht by your side.

Easy Application for Maximum Convenience Applying Splosht is a breeze.

Each pack contains 62g sachets that you simply drop into the water. No complicated procedures or measuring required. With Splosht, it’s as simple as drop and go.

Farmers Pack:

Tailored to Meet Your Needs Our Farmers Pack range offers a variety of options to cater to different water volumes:

– Small Farmers Pack: Ideal for smaller-scale water sources, this pack covers up to 80,000 litres. Perfect for small dams or reservoirs, it provides effective cleaning to ensure a healthier environment for your livestock and crops.

– Medium Farmers Pack: Designed for medium-sized water sources, this pack covers between 80,000 to 250,000 litres. Whether you have a moderate-sized dam or pond, our Medium Farmers Pack offers the right coverage for efficient cleaning.

– Large Farmers Pack: If you have a larger water source, our Large Farmers Pack has got you covered. With a coverage of up to 1,000,000 litres, it ensures comprehensive cleaning for significant water volumes, providing optimal conditions for your livestock and crops.

Commercial Pack: Covering from 2 Million up to 320 Million Litres For larger bodies of water, such as lakes or expansive commercial water sources, our Commercial Pack range offers the perfect solution. With varying sizes, our Commercial Packs provide coverage starting from 2 million litres and going up to an impressive 320 million litres. No matter the size of your water source, Splosht has a solution to keep it clean and algae-free.

Naturally Safer for You and the Environment Splosht takes pride in its natural approach to cleaning water sources. Our unique blend of good water bacteria works harmoniously with nature, ensuring a safe and eco-friendly solution for maintaining clean dams and lakes. You can have peace of mind knowing that Splosht is safe for aquatic life, animals, and plants.

Trusted Supplier:

Hendra Home Hardware When it comes to acquiring Splosht Farmers Packs, you can rely on Hendra Home Hardware as a trusted supplier. They provide high-quality products and excellent customer service, ensuring a smooth and reliable purchasing experience.

Experience the Ease and Power of Splosht Farmers Packs Discover how Splosht can transform the way you clean and maintain your dams and lakes. Embrace the natural and effective solution that Splosht offers. Say goodbye to algae problems and hello to cleaner, healthier water sources.

Order your Splosht Farmers Pack today from Hendra Home Hardware, a trusted supplier, and experience the ease, safety, and natural power of Splosht. Say goodbye to the challenges of keeping dams and lakes clean and enjoy the benefits of a naturally cleaner environment.

Additional information

Weight 0.85 kg
Dimensions 15 × 18 × 18 cm

Medium Farmers Pack


Cleans 80,000L to 250,000L for 3 months