Bin-Kill Wheelie Bin Protector


Simply attached BinKill inside your bin and get up to 3 months control of flies, maggots and bad odours at just a few cents per week.

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BinKill – Protecting your Wheelie Bin

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BinKill tablet is an innovative fly control product that successfully protects your wheelie bin from becoming a fly breeding zone. Not only protecting your family and yourself from disease and fowl odours, your contributing to pest control within your community. By attaching a BinKill tablet inside your bin, you will get 3 months control of flies, maggots and bad odours at just a few cents per week.



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How it works?

The Binkill tablet will break the breeding cycle in the wheelie bin and change the bin from being a fly breeding entree to a fly killing center. The product is a combination of slow release and knockout chemicals, plus a deodorant for odour reduction. Sealed safely in a tamper proof container, the product includes a zip tie attachment for ease of attachment inside your wheelie bin.

The term convection, is what takes place inside your bin throughout the day. As the sun moves, the temperate of your bin changes. When this occurs, this helps the slow release vapor ingredient in Binkill take place. A powerful but safe insecticide release shall occur which will kill flies that enter. Our testing with the Northern Territory Department of Health Entomology section has shown a 100% knockdown of flies and maggots. (Flies 20 minutes, maggots five hours).

The binkill tablets are environmentally safe and have thoroughly tested record and approved patent. The tablet will break the breeding cycle; cause flies, insects and maggots to perish, therefore eliminating the possibilities of your wheelie bin becoming a nursery for flies. It will also greatly reduce the smell generated by wheelie bins.


With the tie provided Binkill (10.5gms Net) is attached to the household wheelie. Once attached Binkill will protect the bin for three months with a vapour that is deadly to flies, maggots and all insects.

This set and forget product will keep your bin free from disease carrying insects whilst eliminating the smells and odours that can come from the day to day waste in the bin. Binkill is water proof and will not be affected by hosing out of the bin.


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