WinterGrass Killer 100ml Herbicide


WinterGrass Killer is a herbicide for control of wintergrass. Suitable for use on couch, bent, buffalo, ryegrass, brown top, kentucky Blue.

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Wintergrass Killer Herbicide

Wintergrass weed is a grassy cool season annual with perennial and biennial bio-types observed in some regions. It is light green in colour with a tufted growth habit and a white panicle inflorescence germinating from late winter throughout spring and summer. Leaf blades possess a folded venation with a long ligule and boat-shaped leaf tips that curl up at the ends. Looks somewhat similar to Nutgrass.

This particular weed is highly adaptive and can thrive in shaded areas and full sun depending on moisture conditions. Tolerates low mowing heights and can persist in golf greens all year round. Plants reach maturity quickly and seed profusely making them an aggressive weed that can be difficult to control.

Picture of winter grass weed

Botanical name: Poa annua

What is the product

Winter Grass Killer is a selective herbicide for control of winter grass that is suitable for use on couch, bent, buffalo, ryegrass, brown top and Kentucky Blue Grass. It is not suitable for use on Kikuyu or fescue lawns.

The product breaks down quickly no residue in soil and is economical to use as 15 mL treats 100 square metres of lawn. Winter Grass Killer should be applied as a fine spray as soon as the winter grass appears and before it has a chance to flower and set seed.

How to use:

Dilute 15ml of Winter Grass Killer in 10 litres of water and apply over 100 square metres of lawn.


175g/L Endothal

Winter Grass Killer is safe on following lawn varieties
Winter Grass Killer is NOT safe on following lawn varieties
  • kikuyu
  • Tall fescue

Though the product is expensive, it certainly works. There are a lot of products on the market that claim that Wintergrass will be taken care of. We have personally tried and tested this product with proven results.

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Additional information

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